“Adorable Rescue Pup with a Unique Smile Awaits a Loving Home this Festive Season”

Courtney Bellew, the leader of SNARR, a rescue organization in White Plains, NY, has dedicated her life to rescuing dogs in need. Her focus is on those who are sick, elderly, broken, or unwanted. Recently, she came across a unique dog in Tennessee who had been abandoned by his previous owners due to his facial deformities. Bellew saw this as an opportunity to take on a challenge that she thrives on.

Woody is the adorable name given to the pup who has a face that stands out due to its unique shape. However, this peculiar appearance is not indicative of any health issues but instead, is the result of an injury from the past. The Dodo reported that Woody’s owners explained how when he was only 5 weeks old, he was attacked by another dog. Unfortunately, his owners did not take him to a vet for treatment. As a result, his face became crooked due to the previous attack. Despite this, Woody appears to be doing well and happy. It seems that the injury did not have any lingering medical effects.

Woody, unfortunately, had to endure six long weeks outside his previous residence, tethered and reliant on scraps from nearby neighbors. It wasn’t until Bellew was notified that she could come to his aid. The experienced rescuer immediately became smitten once she laid eyes on Woody. According to Bellew, the pup is believed to be only eight months old, yet acts as if he’s merely eight weeks. Woody loves to play and snuggle, displaying all the typical traits of a happy-go-lucky Pit Bull puppy. To add to his charm, his silly-looking face pairs with his cheerful personality, making him even more endearing.

Apart from his charming appearance and amusing nature, Woody possesses a kind and generous heart. According to Jamie Bond, his foster mother who spoke to The Dodo, Woody demonstrated his compassion when she was unwell with a fever on their first day together. He sensed her discomfort and refused to leave her side, snuggling with her on the couch throughout the afternoon. From that moment on, he became her constant companion, accompanying her everywhere and ensuring her safety. Woody adores snuggling up on the bed, laying his head on her chest.

Woody is a cute little puppy, but he’s not perfect and has his flaws – one being his tendency to chase cats. His foster parent, Bellew, has noticed that Woody still needs to learn basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay,’ indicating that he may not have been a beloved house pet before. It seems like he was left alone to fend for himself, even when people were around. However, with the love and care he’s receiving in his foster home, Woody is already showing signs of improvement and will surely continue to grow with training and structure.

If Woody catches your attention, you can explore further details and complete an adoption request on the SNARR webpage. Remember that Woody is situated in New York and would thrive in a household that does not have any male dogs or cats. Nevertheless, he gets along well with female dogs. Stay updated on Woody’s development by following SNARR’s Facebook page.

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