“Bold and Fit: Shakira Flaunts her Athletic Physique in Short-Shorts and Sporty Visor at Barcelona Gym”

Despite leading a hectic life balancing both a flourishing career and motherhood, Shakira made time for herself on Monday afternoon. She headed to an athletic center in Barcelona, looking enthusiastic and eager to blow off some steam. The pop icon was dressed impeccably in a chic fitness outfit, sprinting out of her car and straight into the gym. She appeared to be in excellent physical shape, ready to take on a workout session.

Work hard play hard: On Monday afternoon Shakira took some time for herself, blowing off some much-needed steam as she eagerly arrived to an athletic center in Barcelona

Taking a break from her busy schedule, Shakira made a smart move by hitting an athletic center in Barcelona on Monday afternoon. She seemed excited to be there, ready to let off some steam and engage herself in some much-needed physical activity. The work hard play hard mantra seems to be working well for her.

On the move: The Colombian pop diva looked to be in tip-top shape as she practically sprinted out of the car and into her local gym in a stylish fitness ensemble

The Colombian music icon was spotted rushing into her nearby gym sporting a fashionable workout outfit. Despite being 39 years old, she displayed an impressive athletic physique, showcasing her toned legs in mini running shorts and light blue sneakers. Shakira’s stylish look was topped off with a periwinkle mesh T-shirt from Nike and a black visor, paired with her signature golden blonde locks, which were styled in a top knot initially and later switched to a high ponytail. To keep things simple, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer opted to go makeup-free, except for a touch of lip gloss.

Gym session: Shakira completed the look with a periwinkle mesh T-shirt from Nike and a black visor atop her golden curls

Shakira finished her workout outfit with a Nike periwinkle mesh T-shirt and a black visor on her beautiful golden curls.

She styled her renowned locks into a trendy top knot and later opted for a high ponytail that flowed down her back, all while going completely makeup-free except for a touch of lip gloss. As with most celebrities, the Hips Don’t Lie singer carried her essentials in a chic black duffel bag made of glossy patent leather slung over her shoulder during her fitness routine. Besides hitting the gym, the Golden Globe nominee is preparing to release her highly-anticipated song La Bicicleta, a vallenato-reggaeton duet with Carlos Vives. The two Colombian artists, both hailing from towns nearby, reunited in Santa Marta and Barranquilla, where they shot the accompanying music video, set to drop next month.

Gym chic: True to any celebrity's fitness must-haves, the Hips Don't Lie hitmaker carried her belongings in a black, patent leather duffel bag slung over her shoulder

Sporty style: Following the trend of celebrities prioritizing fitness, Shakira was seen carrying a black, shiny leather duffel bag over her shoulder as she headed to the gym.

Future plans: In addition to hitting the gym, the Golden Globe nominee is gearing up to drop her highly-anticipated music for her vallenato-reggaeton duet with Carlos Vives called La Bicicleta

Upcoming Goals: Along with her fitness routine, the talented actress is preparing to release her much-awaited music project, a vallenato-reggaeton collaboration with Carlos Vives titled La Bicicleta.

Reunited: The Colombian crooners - who grew up a few miles apart - reunited in Vives' Santa Marta and Barranquilla to shoot the music video, which comes out next month

The Colombian singers, who spent their childhood in close proximity, recently got back together in Santa Marta and Barranquilla for the shooting of their new music video. The video is set to release next month. In other news, Shakira was spotted arriving at a gym in Barcelona, looking fit and athletic. Share your thoughts or reactions on this article.

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