Cheerful Canine Companion: How a Rambunctious Service Dog Lifted the Spirits of a Depressed Blind Husky

Walker and Sterling walking

Sterling, a Siberian Husky, lost his sight three years ago due to glaucoma and became depressed. However, he found a new friend, an Alaskan Malamute named Walker, who is nearly as old as Sterling but boisterous, keeping Sterling in high spirits. Sterling’s owners, Lillian and Mark McKee, were worried about his declining health, but taking him to the beach with Walker lifted his mood. The inseparable pair goes on hikes, runs, and sleeps next to each other. They even have their own Instagram page, @sterlingandwalker, which features adorable footage of them playing in the snow and photos of their outdoor adventures. Sterling may be blind, but with Walker by his side, he has a new leash on life.

Walker and Sterling

The McKee dogs, Sterling and Walker, are inseparable and enjoy each other’s company, often dressing up in matching outfits for their adventures. To protect Sterling’s eyes during their outings, the duo created custom-made goggles, along with matching bandanas for both dogs. Walker also has a pair of doggy ski goggles so he doesn’t feel left out. Lillian, the owner of both dogs, mentioned that they have around 100 bandanas between them and look incredibly handsome wearing them.

Sterling and Walker

The pair of adventurers venture into the wilderness while sporting identical bandanas.

The McKees with their dogs

The couple who owned Sterling were concerned that he would become despondent after losing his sight, but thankfully, Walker was there to lift his spirits. Despite their close bond, the two dogs have very different personalities. Sterling enjoys socializing with people, taking car rides, and occasionally playing with specific toys, but generally prefers to carry himself with a certain level of sophistication. On the other hand, Walker is a silly and playful pup who loves to pounce on Sterling and steal his treats. He is a bouncing bundle of fur that brings joy and laughter to those around him.

Sterling in the snow

Sterling transitioned smoothly into his new way of life, and having a buddy like Walker certainly made it easier. Lillian rescued both of these furry companions from a shelter she established for bigger dog breeds in the North. Sterling was meant to be a temporary tenant, but Lillian couldn’t bear to part with him, hence the nickname “foster fail.” As for Walker, Lillian hadn’t planned on taking him in permanently, but circumstances changed when his foster caretaker could no longer provide for him. So, just like that, Walker became a cherished member of the family.

The huskies outside

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