Discovering a Furry Soulmate: How a Doubtful Pet Owner Found Her Canine Doppelganger.

Canine companions possess an extraordinary ability to sense human emotions, and even recognize hazardous situations. Rogue, a delightful blend of Cairn Terrier, who resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, demonstrated her intuitive sixth sense while on a walk with her owner. She detected a dog that bore an uncanny resemblance to herself.

Bethany Coleman fondly remembers the time she and her furry companion, Rogue, were on their way to the nearby farmers market when they chanced upon Beast. The adorable pooch was among the many other dogs available for adoption through Last Hope K9 Rescue. As soon as Rogue spotted Beast, they hit it off, likely due to their striking resemblance. The two dogs playfully interacted with each other, and it was a heartwarming sight to behold.

As per Coleman, the two adorable pups that they own are a blend of cairn terrier breed. They fondly call them Rogue and Beast. The parentage of Rogue can be traced back to a lab and pit mix mom and a cairn terrier dad. While, on the other hand, the exact heritage of Beast is unknown, however, his documents reveal him having traits of a cairn mix. The couple suspects the existence of a little bit of Basset in him too. And, with his short legs and bulky body, it’s no surprise that he is often mistaken for a pig!

Coleman and Tyson were considering adding another furry friend to their family. While Tyson was enthusiastic, Coleman was hesitant due to their two senior cats and recent adoption of Rogue. She worried that another dog might be too much to handle and potentially make it difficult to find a rental apartment.
However, when she saw how well Rogue and Beast got along and how similar they looked, Coleman knew that she had to bring Beast home.

The sight of Rogue and Beast’s enthusiasm caught her eye. They both showed an immense level of excitement to be with her forever and play with each other. She couldn’t imagine leaving Beast behind at the market after witnessing his eagerness. Hence, she took a bold decision to bring him home with her and it turned out to be a life-changing event for her family. She immediately started filling out the necessary paperwork and even took a photo of him as a memory of their first encounter at the market.

Ever since they met, Rogue and Beast have been attached at the hip! Although it took some time for the cats to warm up to their new dog buddy, eventually everyone settled into a comfortable routine. Initially, Beast seemed like he might take charge of the household due to his size advantage, but Rogue wasn’t about to let that happen. Nowadays, they’re both comfortable sharing everything, from toys to treats, and even switch things up during playtime or snack-time for a little variety.

Living in Hawaii is an absolute dream for Beast, Rogue, and their feline siblings. Beast is a natural when it comes to outdoor activities, especially running around on the beach. But both dogs also love a cozy night in, snuggled up with their owners and each other on the couch.

On her Instagram, Coleman showcases her furry friends including Beast and Rogue. Additionally, she shares memes featuring her pets, throwback videos, and other amusing content. Her account provides a delightful mix of emotions for animal enthusiasts to enjoy.

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