Fido’s Solo Adventure: Daily Bus Trips to the Park

Meet Eclipse, the famous bus-riding dog of Seattle. This unique canine is a mix of Labrador and Mastiff and has gained quite a following among commuters due to her regular solo rides on the bus. According to her owner, Jeff Young, Eclipse’s adventure began when he took too long to finish his cigarette at the bus stop. Without hesitation, Eclipse jumped on the bus and made her way to the park where they were headed together. Since then, she has been taking the bus on her own, enjoying her trips to the park almost every day. Eclipse is so accustomed to the journey that she knows exactly where to get off, impressing passengers and drivers alike. This delightful pooch has become a regular passenger on the D line bus in Seattle and is loved by all who meet her.

With confidence, she boards the bus independently and effortlessly identifies her designated stop.

Attached to her collar is a nifty bus pass that gets her around town, and she hops off at the Belltown pup park to rendezvous with her human.

Jeff Young, the proud owner of the adorable pet, missed his chance to board the first bus he saw as he was busy puffing on his cigarette for a bit too long.

Despite the situation, Eclipse made a quick move and decided to alight from the bus at the park.

That’s how Eclipse’s solo bus-riding expedition commenced, and from that moment on, Jeff became aware that he could locate her at the park.

In King County, dogs are permitted to board buses at the discretion of the driver. It’s because everyone acknowledges that dogs are intelligent and self-reliant creatures who deserve a ride.

Eclipse is a friendly canine and does not pose any threat to others.

Eclipse brings joy to commuters, who are always happy to give her a ride.

King County has been truly blessed with the presence of Eclipse and her popularity is widespread among everyone.

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