From Abandoned to Adorable: Mama Dog Gives Birth to Litter of 14 Puppies at Shelter

The period of pregnancy is a challenging phase for all the mothers across the globe. It is the time when they require utmost love and care as they are about to give birth to a beautiful life. However, it is unfortunate that Natajuli, a nine-week pregnant dog, who was carrying 14 puppies inside her tummy, did not receive the much-needed love and care during this crucial time.

Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) found Natajuli, a pregnant dog, near their shelter on a chilly December day. It was Christmas Eve 22, and the poor animal was left alone with no one to care for her. The staff at IAPA found her weak, unable to stand and extremely scared. It took a while for them to gain her trust and calm her down. What a heartbreaking situation!

The Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) reported that a mother dog was initially cautious around volunteers at the shelter due to her protective nature. However, she eventually warmed up and began interacting with them. The volunteers noticed that the mother dog appeared weak and speculated that she may be pregnant with 13 or 14 puppies. To ensure her health and well-being, they scheduled a medical exam for her the following day.

The Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) shared a heartwarming story about Natajuli, a mother dog who gave birth to her puppies. The shelter was well-prepared for the big day, with a member reminding everyone to prepare for Natajuli’s ultrasound to ensure that everything was going smoothly. After a successful delivery, Natajuli was brought back to the shelter with the help needed for her puppies. She was a brave mother and delivered her babies without a hitch. The first puppy born was a bright and healthy young boy.

It was quite a shock when Natajuli brought 14 precious little ones into the world, but it was truly a remarkable sight to see. This all happened at Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA).

Following that, Natalie and her 14 little ones visited the veterinarian for a brief examination, including an ultrasound and blood tests. Despite looking a bit worn out with a rosy complexion, all of her pups are healthy and plump!

At the Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA), one of the shelter members was overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing a mother’s smile as her children were playing around. The member shared that the kids were so cute that they just wanted to give them kisses.

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