From Rags to Bounces: Meet the Two-Legged Pooch Who Believes She’s a Kangaroo Thanks to a Charitable Rescue

Roo, the adorable five-month-old pup, has captured the hearts of many with her unique way of getting around. Despite only having two legs, she hops and jumps like a kangaroo, earning her the fitting nickname Roo. Her journey to finding a loving home started in Romania, where she was rescued by the British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs. Sadly, it is believed that Roo was born with one front leg missing and later lost the other. Despite her challenges, she is a happy and playful pup who loves to go for walks and meet new people. Don’t be surprised if you spot Roo on your next walk and mistake her for a marsupial!

Meet Roo, a brave puppy with an amazing ability to bounce like a kangaroo. Despite being born with only one front leg and losing the other shortly after, Roo was rescued from certain death in Romania by British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs. In November, she was brought to the UK where she wowed her foster parents, nurse Nikki Dick and her fireman husband Ian, with her energetic bouncing skills. After falling in love with Roo, the couple plans to adopt her permanently. This adorable pup, believed to be a collie-whippet cross, is proof that even with physical challenges, animals can still live happy, fulfilling lives.

'She's a star': Nikki, 50, with Roo, who is believed to be a cross between a collie and a whippet

Nikki, who is 50 years old, was photographed with her furry friend named Roo, who is speculated to be a mix of a collie and a whippet. Nikki is proud of her beloved pet and describes her as a star.

Just hopping out! Five-month-old Roo, who came to the UK in November, bounds around on two legs

Meet Roo, the adorable five-month-old puppy who arrived in the UK last November and has captured the hearts of her new family. Despite having only two back legs, Roo bounds around energetically and loves all the attention she receives from strangers who mistake her for a kangaroo. Her owners, who are based in Morpeth, Northumberland, are devoted to her and even take her for weekly therapy sessions to ensure she remains pain-free and healthy. With her positive outlook on life, Roo is truly a little star that’s impossible not to love!

Roo, a dog who was rescued by the charitable organization Safe Rescue for Dogs, is believed to have been born without one of his front legs and to have lost the other soon after. Despite this, he is now able to bounce around thanks to his rescuers. Feel free to share your thoughts on this heartwarming story.

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