From Shelter to Home and Back Again: A Dog’s Unfortunate Journey

The happiness that comes with adopting a shelter animal is mutual between the pet and their rescuer who tirelessly works to give them a second chance. It’s a heartwarming moment when an animal that has been waiting for a home finally finds one that they belong to. Though, the road to finding the perfect match is not always smooth. Some animals go back to the shelter multiple times before finally finding their forever home. This has been the case for a charming dog who had waited for more than 500 days to get adopted. His luck seemed to have changed when he found a family, but unfortunately, he was returned to the shelter after just one week. Currently, the dog is back at the shelter, waiting for the perfect person to offer him the loving home that he deserves.

In the month of March in 2022, a friendly American Pit Bull named Drogo was brought to the Austin Animal Center due to his owner being evicted from their home. Although he was a well-trained and obedient dog, he somehow got lost among the many other animals at the shelter during an adoption event. Sadly, Drogo remained at the shelter for over 500 days, waiting patiently for someone to adopt him.

The Austin Animal Center had a story to tell about Drogo, who was recently adopted. The team was hopeful that he would finally have a happy ending after all the time he spent with them. However, fate had other plans, and Drogo’s story took a different turn.

Austin Animal Center shared a heartbreaking story about Drogo, who was returned to the shelter just within a week of leaving. As per the sources, Drogo nipped his new owner, which led to his return. The shelter staff was saddened by the news and shared their disappointment on TikTok. They revealed that Drogo was one of the longest stay dogs at the shelter and is now devastated to be back. The entire episode is not fair to him, and it has left everyone at the shelter heartbroken.

It’s never easy for dogs like Drogo when they end up back in the shelter after what appeared to be a successful adoption. Sadly, Drogo is finding it difficult to cope with this setback as he feels stressed, upset, and is barking more than usual.

According to the Austin Animal Center, it takes time for shelter dogs to get used to their new surroundings. Unfortunately, Drogo didn’t have that chance as he was brought back to the shelter. Kelsey Cler from the center mentioned to Newsweek that he appears unhappy to be back and sadly, no one has shown any interest in adopting him yet.

The Austin Animal Center is currently seeking a new owner for Drogo, a lovable pit bull mix. However, the shelter is concerned that his breed and color may turn some people away from adopting him. According to Cler, it seems that black dogs are often overlooked compared to other colored ones. But Drogo deserves a chance at finding a loving home, regardless of these factors.

According to the staff at the Austin Animal Center, Drogo would thrive in a home where he is the only pet. This will give him time to settle in after being in the shelter for a long period of time. Drogo is currently available for adoption, and you can foster him for free. If you’re interested in giving Drogo a forever home, reach out to the Austin Animal Center and visit his adoption page for additional information.

The Austin Animal Center expressed their disappointment when adopted dogs are returned to the shelter. However, they remain hopeful for Drogo’s future and expect that he will soon find a permanent home where he can be loved and cared for.

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