“From Stray to Squad: Law Enforcement Gives Home to Abandoned Pup Rescued from the Rain”

On a cold and drizzly day, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale stumbled upon Joey for the first time. While he was driving through a public park, he spotted a tiny black pooch crouching amidst used needles and shattered beer bottles. Upon closer inspection, Officer Pascale noticed that Joey had a bulky chain around his neck and was tied to a fence. The pet appeared damp, trembling, and abandoned.

According to Pascale, the dog named Joey had a helpless look in his eyes, and the first thing that crossed his mind was to rescue him. Being a compassionate officer, he took Joey to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter in Brooklyn to keep him safe and dry. As he dried the grateful dog using a towel, a strong connection between them started to develop.

According to Pascale, she doesn’t see an animal, but a soul that she can connect with. Thus, she is willing to adopt the abandoned puppy without any hesitation. Pascale’s husband sent her a picture of the puppy via SMS and as soon as she saw it, she told him to bring him home. Though there was a small hurdle to overcome, they agreed to adopt Joey in a heartbeat. The past three days felt like a lifetime for them.

Officer Pascale was informed by the ACC that Joey would be required to stay in their care for the mandatory 72-hour stray hold. It’s important to note that even if an animal appears abandoned or mistreated, there may be a concerned owner searching for them. The stray hold allows for time to report lost or stolen pets. Despite a difficult goodbye, Officer Pascale promised to return and kept his word, visiting Joey the following day and the day after that. During their interactions, their bond grew stronger.

Pascale was overjoyed when the stray hold was lifted and he was able to adopt Joey. They completed all the necessary paperwork and said their goodbyes outside. Joey couldn’t contain his excitement and showered Pascale with kisses, which made him even more determined to protect and care for him. They headed home together, starting their new life as a dynamic duo. While their story may seem complete, there’s still more to come as they navigate life’s ups and downs together. Their journey may not be perfect, but it’s perfectly incomplete.

Once a malnourished and frightened stray, there’s now a beloved pet named Joey. He loves taking his father on New York City tours and snuggling on the couch with his mother. Though he’s turned into a Mama’s Boy, Officer Pascale notes that Joey is an amazing dog and even has an Instagram account (@JoeyGoodDoggo). However, Joey isn’t flawless as he still detests being out in the rain and sometimes rummages through the trash, but regardless, he’s a content pup loved by many.

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