“Harlow Indiana’s Dynamic Doggie Duo Welcomes an Adorable New Pup”

The cute canine pair, Harlow and Indiana, have a new four-legged companion named Reese. Initially, they were hesitant about the younger pup, but eventually, they grew fond of their new friend. Their owner, who documented their every move, shared their pictures on Instagram for all to witness the trio’s heartwarming bond. To view more of their adorable snapshots, visit the owner’s Instagram page. It is worth noting that the account’s title includes “Sage,” Harlow’s previous doggie buddy, who has since passed away.

Their family has expanded with the addition of a newborn baby girl named Reese.

Initially unsure of how to respond, the group was captivated by her irresistible puppy eyes and ultimately made the decision to welcome her into their club. As time passed, they developed a strong bond and were frequently found snoozing side-by-side like long-time buddies. One can’t help but wonder if she’s dreaming while waving her paws in her sleep.

Reese Lightning is another name that she responds to. Do you catch the reference?

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