Innovative New Yorker Carries Her 52 Lbs. Samoyed in a Backpack to Beat Subway Regulations

Jackie Hornung has gained popularity on TikTok for breaking the rules and taking her pet dog, Lumi, with her on the New York City Subway in a backpack. Her videos have gone viral, with one clip receiving 1.4 million views. Jackie’s actions show that some rules are meant to be broken, and she is not afraid of making a statement. The large white samoyed dog, Lumi, is happy and content in the backpack while riding the train.

One of Hornung’s followers asked her why she carries her dog in a backpack on the New York City subway. In response, Hornung explained that it’s necessary to have dogs in bags while riding the subway, and that’s why Lumi is in a backpack. Hornung posted a video on her @littlebearlumi account, showing her entering the subway with a green hiking backpack carrying Lumi on her back. The cute dog had his paws on her shoulders and his head sticking out to the side. She also shared a short clip of herself holding on to a chair on the train as she tried to balance with Lumi on her back.

According to a recent interview with Lumi’s owner, the pup is around 1 to 1.5 years old and stands at approximately 2 feet tall when on all fours. Lumi enjoys being carried and is calm when placed in a K9 sports sack. The owner stated that Lumi gets excited when he sees other animals while in the bag. Despite Lumi’s size, the owner claimed that the pup is surprisingly light and weighs around 55 pounds. The bag is spacious and has a good system at the bottom for Lumi to sit normally in. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and human interest stories by signing up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter.

As per Cornell University’s website, the law in New York prohibits individuals from bringing animals onto any form of transportation or facility unless they are enclosed in a container and transported in a way that does not disturb other passengers. However, working dogs and service animals trained to assist people with disabilities are exempted from this rule. Nevertheless, owners of service dogs must carry proof of affiliation with a professional training school, and the animal must have a valid service animal license, according to Cornell University. In response to this regulation, some people have resorted to sneaking their dogs onto trains in creative ways, such as placing them inside IKEA bags with holes cut out for the dogs’ legs. Other New Yorkers have shared photos of their dogs being carried in handbags and gym bags.

It seems that Lumi is having a great time exploring New York City. The adorable pup has been spotted checking out some of the city’s most famous landmarks, like Grand Central Station, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center, as showcased on his Instagram account.

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