“Mexican Getaway: Selena Gomez Stuns in a Pink Bikini and Relaxes by the Beach”

Selena Gomez has been enjoying a relaxing getaway in Mexico and embracing the warm weather by spending time on the beach. Recently, she was spotted frolicking in the ocean and on the sand while donning a stylish pink bikini that highlighted her toned curves. The 22-year-old looked stunning and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her much-needed break from her hectic schedule.

In the pink! Selena Gomez flaunted her stunning figure in a tiny neon pink bikini while on holiday in Mexico on Wednesday

Selena Gomez was spotted enjoying her getaway in Mexico, flaunting her fabulous physique in a bright neon pink bikini. The pop sensation exuded body confidence as she frolicked around in the shallow waters with her girlfriends and a male companion. Her top was a daring triangle halter-neck that showcased her ample cleavage, although it appeared to be a bit risky as it seemed like it could let her spill out at any given moment. Interestingly, her bikini briefs were a double-strap design that hugged her perfectly rounded derriere. All in all, Selena was looking radiant and feeling great!

Showing off her Baywatch babe: The star summoned the image of Pamela Anderson as she ran into the waves

Emulating Pamela Anderson’s iconic Baywatch look, the celebrity dashed energetically into the ocean, flaunting her stunning beach bod.

Pert posterior: The 22-year-old singer revealed her rather shapely behind in the tiny bikini briefs, which had two straps sitting on her hips

The 22-year-old songstress displayed her well-rounded derriere in a skimpy bikini bottom that featured a double strap design resting on her hips.

Rarely seen: Selena doesn't often flaunt her lovely figure in such skimpy items

It’s not every day that we get to see Selena show off her stunning physique in revealing attire. It’s quite a rare sight indeed.

Trim and toned: The busy star has been blessed with an enviable physique

The celebrity is in great shape, with a well-toned body that anyone would envy. She confidently wore a bright pink beach outfit that almost looked like it was glowing, but it suited her beautifully, thanks to her taut curves. The star looked relaxed and carefree, opting for a natural look without makeup as she enjoyed her day at the beach. Her dark hair was slicked back by the ocean water, framing her pretty face. She was clearly having a wonderful time with her friends, who were also stunning young women wearing tiny swimsuits reminiscent of her 2013 movie, Spring Breakers. They took several photos of themselves posing in the water and hugged each other for some of the shots.

Spring Breakers - the sequel? Selena was joined by four bikini-clad pals, invoking a memory of her 2013 movie

Is there a follow-up to Spring Breakers in the works? Selena Gomez was spotted hanging out with four friends who were all rocking bikinis, bringing back memories of her 2013 film.

Say cheese! Four of the girls posed in the surf to take a picture, and Selena seemed to be posing the hardest

“Cheese!” Four of the girls stood in the waves, striking a pose for a photo. Selena appeared to be putting the most effort into her pose.

Making a splash! The girls got a bit hectic in the water

The girls had a great time splashing around in the water and things got a bit wild.

Showing Bieber what he's missing? Selena, who famously dated singer Justin for years, broke up with him a few months ago

Is Selena trying to make Justin regret losing her? The former couple, who had been together for years, called it quits a few months back.

Letting loose: The sunkissed group were having the time of their lives in the luxurious location

Unwind and have fun: The group, basked in the sun, were thoroughly enjoying themselves in the lavish setting.

Keeping active: Selena didn't stay too restful for her day on the beach, taking a running jump into the ocean

Staying active: Selena made sure to stay active during her beach day by diving into the ocean. She didn’t spend too much time relaxing.

Abs-olutely fabulous: Sporting lightly defined abs, Selena looked naturally pretty as she stepped tentatively into the shallow end

Selena showed off her toned abs as she took a dip in the shallow end, looking effortlessly beautiful. But it wasn’t just a day of relaxation for Selena and her group. They also incorporated some fitness into their beach outing by grabbing their body boards and riding the waves. Unfortunately, the ocean wasn’t quite cooperative enough for a full-on body boarding session, so they ended up heading back to the beach and grassy area with their blue boards.

Taking a dip: The star - who has recently been working on new film In Dubious Battle in Atlanta, Georgia - almost completely submerged herself in the cool blue water

Going for a swim: The celebrity, who has been busy filming In Dubious Battle in Atlanta, Georgia, took a refreshing plunge and submerged herself in the stunning blue water.

Hitting the waves! Selena and her pals grabbed their body boards

Heading for the surf! Selena and her buddies took their body boards and headed towards the waves.

Too calm? Selena seemed to struggle with her board as she stepped into the sea

Is Selena feeling too chill? It appears that she’s having a tough time maneuvering her board as she makes her way into the ocean.

Giving up: The pals seemed to tire of body boarding, dragging the contraption back up the beach

Losing interest: It appeared that the buddies grew weary of riding the waves with their body boards and started pulling the equipment back up the shore.

Hourglass curves: With a shapely backside to rival Kim Kardashian's, Selena proudly flaunted her taut figure

Selena confidently showed off her toned physique, complete with hourglass curves and a well-defined derriere that could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

Shady lady: Taking a brief moment away from the blaring Mexican sun, Selena went to the top of the beach which was covered by trees

Under the shade of the trees, Selena took a break from the scorching sun during her beach visit. Recently, the actress was seen filming scenes for her new movie, In Dubious Battle, a period drama set in the 1930s, in Atlanta, Georgia. It is evident that Selena was enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation after filming. Her on-screen character, young mother Lisa London, is a far cry from her laid-back appearance on the beach. The movie is based on John Steinbeck’s 1936 novel.

Svelte pins: She revealed her completely smooth legs, with barely an extra ounce of flesh on them, no doubt earned from years of dancing up on stage

The actress flaunted her slender legs, which were devoid of any excess fat, a result of years of dancing on stage. James Franco’s movie set in the Great Depression era chronicles the journey of an activist who becomes embroiled in the labor movement with California farm laborers. Selena Gomez, who is always occupied with work, has recently finished filming The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving with Paul Rudd in the same city as her current holiday destination. DJ Zedd, her boyfriend, was not present on the trip, leaving Selena to enjoy the company of her friends. The actress seems to have moved on from her on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber, which had made her a subject of ridicule during a recent Comedy Central roast of the Canadian pop star.

On the pull? Selena, joined by her male friend, grabbed a rope which was attached to something in the sea, pulling it towards them

Looking for an adventure? Selena, accompanied by a male companion, took hold of a rope that was fastened to an object in the ocean and hauled it towards them.

Flawless: Standing alongside a male friend on the edge of the surf, Selena gave another glimpse at her toned figure in the fetching swimwear

With her male companion at the shoreline, Selena flaunted her fit physique in a stunning swimsuit. Everything seemed flawless.

Letting loose: The star was a happy figure as she took a rare break along with her friends in the gorgeous setting on Mexico

Kicking back: The celebrity was in good spirits while enjoying a rare respite with her pals in the stunning backdrop of Mexico.

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