My Furry Family Can’t Get Enough of Their Little Human Brother and Follow His Every Move

Upon returning from the hospital with their newborn, Kasey Boggs and her husband were greeted with love and affection from their four rescue dogs and cat. The family pets have shown nothing but respect towards the new addition to the family, Sonny, and have expressed their love for him in unique ways. Mia, the cat, keeps a watchful eye on Sonny to ensure his safety, while Roxy, the first pet adopted by the family, enjoys taking naps with him. Edith and Rosie are always on alert, while Jake takes on the role of a big brother and assists with diaper changes. Boggs expresses how their pets have shown that every child should grow up surrounded by such gentle and loving affection.


“I sensed an air of anticipation as we arrived home with Sonny in tow.”


He was embraced and adored by the community as if he was a member of their own.


Every pet has its own special way of showing love towards their human brother or sister.


Mia, the feline companion, is constantly keeping a watchful eye on Sonny and staying close by to ensure his safety.


The initial pooch the household took in, Roxy, thoroughly enjoys dozing off alongside his human sibling. They make for quite the sleepy duo!


Edith and her furry companion, Rosie, are always on high alert for any signs of distress or concern. They keep a watchful eye out and never let their guard down.


Jake, being the lone male member of the group (excluding Sonny), perceives his role as that of an elder brother.


He is simply priceless when it comes to aiding in the task of changing diapers.


“They have a good grasp of the appropriate level of gentleness required…”


The love and care they show are exactly what every kid deserves to experience as they grow up.


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