Officer Rescues Helpless 10-Week-Old Pup Abandoned in a Box on the Roadside

Deputy Earl Hanners stumbled upon a 10-week-old puppy inside a box that was left on the roadside, while he was handling a car accident near Atlanta, Georgia. The temperature that day was quite high, around 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Initially, he had decided to take care of the pup temporarily until she was adopted to a loving home. However, he found himself incapable of letting her go.;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpg

Puppy abandoned in cardboard boxDeputy Hanners recounted how the puppy was discovered in a sealed cardboard box by a concerned passerby. The passerby promptly opened the box and gave the puppy some water before calling 911 for assistance. Meanwhile, Hanners was occupied with a car accident and had to delegate the responsibility of investigating the puppy’s situation to another officer who eventually contacted animal control. However, as soon as he had the chance, Hanners made it a point to lend a hand in taking care of the puppy.;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpg

Puppy abandoned in cardboard boxEarl Hanners recounted how he instructed the person to call off animal control and instead allowed him to take care of the puppy. Upon arrival, he found the distressed puppy lying beside the box, in dire need of medical attention due to dehydration and heat exposure. Earl promptly named the puppy Bridget and took her with him, driving her home for proper care.

Rescued puppy in her new homeOnce Bridget was saved, Earl Hanners took her to his back porch and contacted his veterinarian to inform him of the situation. Hanners made sure that Bridget had enough food and water to replenish herself from the heat. She consumed as much as three or four bowls of food and water. Hanners found himself attached to Bridget and decided not to give her up for adoption, but rather offer her a loving home himself.;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpg

Rescued puppy on porchEarl Hanners, an animal lover, has a history of rescuing dogs. He has eight rescue pugs and fosters dogs for a local rescue group called Hounds in Pounds. Earl recently rescued a new dog named Bridget. Prior to introducing Bridget to his other dogs, Earl wanted to make sure that she was healthy, so he took her to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations. As an extra precaution, he kept Bridget isolated for ten days.;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpg

Rescued puppy in dog bedEarl Hanners shared that although some of his dogs were initially curious about meeting Bridget, they eventually got along very well. Hanners added that they introduced Bridget to the rest of the dogs the night before and after observing them for a day or two, they seamlessly became part of the pack.;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpg

Man and his rescue dogsEarl Hanners’ rescue dog Bridget was abandoned inside a cardboard box, but no one has been caught for the act. Despite the initial investigation not leading anywhere, Bridget is safe and sound with a loving family who adores her. Hanners shares that Bridget is a cuddly pup who enjoys the company of his grandchildren and is simply a sweet, affectionate dog.

Cop cuddling rescue dogEarl Hanners, a renowned personality, is the subject of discussion in this piece.

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