“Paw-some Moment: Abandoned Pooch Embraces Her Savior on the Roadside”

As Kris Lenker and her spouse were driving back from work last week, they witnessed something peculiar on the road ahead. Initially assuming it to be a fawn due to the rural location, they soon realized that it was an abandoned dog. Lenker got out of the car and attempted to call the dog’s attention, but the pup dashed off down a path, causing Lenker to pursue it closely. Despite considering turning back, Lenker had a hunch and decided to persist. Eventually, they were successful in catching up to and rescuing the frightened dog. The relief they felt upon doing so was immense.


Dog found in the woods snuggles her rescuer

Kris Lenker stumbled upon a dog that was timidly hiding behind a fence. With a little bit of patience and gentle petting, the nervous dog decided to give Lenker a chance. Lenker was able to earn the dog’s trust and eventually carried her to safety. The dog’s demeanor noticeably changed once she was in the car, as if she knew she was finally safe. Lenker comforted the dog and promised to take care of her, which led to the dog feeling safe and collapsing into a ball in Lenker’s lap for the remainder of the ride home. It was as if the two were meant to find each other.


Reba the stray dog gives her rescuer kisses

Kris Lenker is taking some time to relax and regain her energy, while her recently adopted dog named Reba is keeping warm in the bathroom. Reba will soon get to meet her new furry siblings and learn the household rules. Despite the change in environment, Reba remains as loving and friendly as ever. In fact, she enjoys belly rubs and will persistently paw at her owners until she gets what she wants.

Kris Lenker shared that Reba was hesitant to be saved at first, but now she’s grown quite fond of her new home. She’s become so attached that she won’t even venture outside for her potty breaks, preferring instead to be carried in and out by her mom. Lenker believes that Reba’s fear of being abandoned is still present, causing her to cling to the comfort of her indoor surroundings.


In just a short span of time, Reba has already been gaining some weight and adapting to her new life with her newfound family. Kris Lenker happily shared that the pup’s energy level has significantly improved and has become more affectionate towards them. According to Lenker, Reba loves nothing more than snuggling and showering them with kisses. The Lenker family strongly feels that Reba was destined to be part of their household as the dog seemed hesitant around others but effortlessly opened up to them. It’s safe to say that they have fallen deeply in love with their newest furry family member.

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