“Shakira’s New Revealing Song about Pique: Exclusive Insights and Release Date Details”

Her latest single rapidly gained widespread renown and fame.


Shakira, Gerard Pique, and Clara Chia have been the talk of the town lately, especially after Shakira’s latest track, Music Session Vol.53, featuring Bizarrap. The Colombian singer seems to have taken a jab at those near her ex-partner, the father of her children. This song has become immensely popular among her fans. But rumors suggest that Shakira has already planned to release another new track on a significant date.

Have you heard the news about Shakira’s upcoming single? Save the date because on February 2, the Colombian singer will be releasing her latest track in partnership with Karol G. The date holds a special meaning as it also marks the birthdays of both artists and Pique. Sources revealed that Shakira and Karol G devoted a considerable amount of effort to this project. They even pulled off a feat by completing the music video shoot within 48 hours, working for more than 15 hours daily. This is definitely thrilling news for all the fans who have been eagerly anticipating new music from Shakira!

During an NBA game between Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers, Karol G demonstrated her support for fellow Colombian artist Shakira by donning a t-shirt that featured lyrics from Shakira’s latest song. This act has led to speculation that the new hit could contain some covert allusions to Pique.

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