“The Adorable Handlebar Mustache on this Shelter Pup will Steal Your Heart”

Oh my goodness, she’s absolutely flawless! 😍 The Dallas Animal Services received a stray shepherd mix along with her 11 newborn puppies in July. However, a special trait set one puppy apart from the rest: a stunning handlebar mustache that made her stand out from the crowd. While all dogs are born with facial hair, this little pup’s mustache was truly one-of-a-kind!


Puppy born with handlebar mustache

The Hearts Bones Rescue took care of a small family for two weeks in their shelter. However, they couldn’t continue to sustain the family’s needs as they receive around 100 homeless animals daily. Since puppies are highly susceptible to getting sick in such an environment, the rescue team knew that they had to act fast. Allison Seelig, a member of the team, stated that they met the family last week and found a great foster parent in Dallas who readily took them under their wing.


Mustache puppy's family at Dallas Animal Services

Hearts Bones Rescue was amazed when they first laid their eyes on Salvador Dolly, also known as “Mustache Puppy.” People often ask if her mustache is real and can’t help but squeal in excitement over her cuteness. Seelig shared that even Salvador’s siblings were adorable, and the entire group left them all in awe.


Salvador Dolly relaxes at her foster home in Texas

Hearts Bones Rescue is currently taking care of Salvador Dolly, who at just 5 weeks old, is already sporting a bushy hipster mustache that she wears with pride. Despite her young age, Dolly is receiving much-needed medical attention and care in a safe and loving home. A dedicated foster parent is closely monitoring each puppy’s wellbeing, making sure that even those without mustaches are given the same level of care. In addition, Mama dog is also receiving extra attention and nourishment to keep her healthy while raising her litter.


Hearts And Bones Rescue is taking care of a litter of cute puppies while their hardworking mama is away. The pups spend their days playing and snoozing in a cuddle pile, living the life of luxury. Once they are old enough, the family will travel to New York City in search of forever homes for each pup. Dolly, with her unique appearance, is sure to attract attention from potential adopters.

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