“Unleashing the Wonder Woman Within: Gal Gadot’s Inspiring Speech at Critics’ Choice Awards”

I assure you all that I will never let anyone silence me. This is my promise and commitment to you. This statement was made by Shannon Connellan on January 11, 2018.

Gal Gadot, the real-life Wonder Woman, gave an amazing and inspiring speech while receiving the #SeeHer Award at the 23rd Critics’ Choice Awards. The award is given to actors who represent female characters with honesty and dignity, challenging gender stereotypes in the entertainment industry and on screen. Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, presented the award to Gadot. It’s sad to know that a recent study found that there has been no change in the number of women behind the camera in Hollywood for the past 20 years.

Jenkins expressed that Gadot’s motivation to portray the character of Wonder Woman was not driven by the desire for fame, glory or money. Instead, she recognized the importance of the role and how it could positively impact the world if executed well. This sentiment was shared before presenting Gadot with an award for her leading role in the film which surpassed the $5 billion mark at the global box office in 2017. Gadot herself expressed that throughout her career, she had always envisioned playing a strong and independent female character that embodied authenticity. She found these qualities in the role of Wonder Woman.

The actress praised her character for having a big heart, being both strong and compassionate, and having the ability to forgive. Despite seeing injustice around her, she takes action when others remain idle, commanding the world’s attention and setting a positive example for humanity. The character is relatable because of her imperfections, such as confusion and insecurity. The goal was to create a universal inspiration for people worldwide, without focusing too much on her gender.

At the 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California on January 11, 2018, Gadot received an award onstage. However, she also highlighted the obstacles she has encountered in her career. Despite Hollywood’s apparent progressiveness, Gadot believes that we have not yet achieved complete equality.

When I first entered the world of acting, female-led movies were a rare sight and female directors were even rarer. However, things are changing for the better. In fact, this year alone, three of the highest-grossing films were led by female protagonists, with one being directed by the talented Patty Jenkins. Additionally, eight other movies directed by women made it into the top 100. Nonetheless, there is still a long way to go in addressing the gender imbalance in the industry. As for the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements, which aim to eliminate systematic sℯxual harassment and abuse in Hollywood and beyond, I fully support their cause.

Over the recent weeks and months, our industry and society have been witnessing a significant movement, and I would like to dedicate this award to all the brave women and men who stand up for what is right. We stand up for those who cannot stand or speak up for themselves. I promise to continue to use my voice and never be silenced. Our united efforts will strive towards achieving equality for all. Wonder Woman, starring Gadot, has been nominated for three Critics’ Choice awards including costume design, visual effects and best action movie. Gadot and Jenkins have teamed up again for the sequel, Wonder Woman 2 that is scheduled to release on Nov.1, 2019.

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