A Man’s Heartwarming Decision To Live With A Lonely Shelter Dog For 400 Days

Scott Poore, a compassionate dog lover, went above and beyond to assist Queen in finding a forever home. Upon discovering that Queen had been residing at the Great Plains SPCA for more than 400 days, Poore decided to take an unconventional approach by moving in with her. Prior to her stay at the shelter, Queen had been living a difficult life on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.

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Mission Driven, a clothing brand with a noble cause of helping shelter dogs, recently shared an inspiring story. According to the founder, Poore, there isn’t much information about the dog they rescued, but they do know that she was found living in a dumpster in a terrible neighborhood. This heartbreaking fact led them to assume that her life was far from perfect. However, despite this tragic beginning, they were able to catch her and bring her to the shelter, which brought joy to all involved.

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Driven by his mission to help animals in need, Steve Poore took action when he learned that Queen, a homeless pup, was having a hard time finding a forever home. Despite efforts from the shelter to get her adopted, Queen remained unclaimed. Poore decided to come up with an unconventional approach and proposed moving into the shelter to gain attention for Queen’s cause. The animal shelter initially found the idea crazy but ultimately agreed to give it a shot.

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Last week, Poore arrived at the shelter with a suitcase in hand and proceeded to set up his living space inside Queen’s kennel. He brought along a small desk and chair, added some personal touches with pictures and a plant, and even found the largest bed available for dogs, although it wasn’t quite big enough for him. Despite this, he did his best to make the space feel like home, putting up a calendar and creating a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a college dorm room. It is clear that Poore is dedicated to his mission and will go to great lengths to make a positive impact on the animals in his care.

Man sitting in kennel with shelter dog

Queen has settled in comfortably with her new roommate. Poore reports that Queen is enjoying the attention from their many visitors, some of whom come specifically to see her, while others are curious about the man who moved into the shelter. The mission of providing a home for animals in need is clearly alive and well at this shelter.

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Poore describes his dog, Queen, as a sociable creature who loves being around her favorite human above all else. Whenever Poore is around her, Queen is thrilled. However, Poore quickly realized that he can’t work on his laptop when he’s with her because she always wants to play.

Man reading book to shelter dog

Poore has observed that the dog enjoys playing with tennis balls and engaging in tug-of-war games. He characterizes her as an energetic and enthusiastic pup who plays wholeheartedly until she tires out and dozes off. However, residing at the shelter has been a challenging experience for the dog’s caretaker.

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As a person on a mission to help animals in shelters, Poore had the opportunity to spend some time at a shelter. Despite it being a nice shelter, he couldn’t help but notice the noise level, even when the employees leave for the day. The barking of dogs seems to be never-ending and triggers others to join in. This made Poore gain a newfound respect for animals living in shelters, as they do not get much rest until they find their forever home.

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Driven by his mission to help dogs find forever homes, Poore dedicated eight days of his life to live in Queen’s kennel. Despite only leaving for a few hours per day to take care of personal hygiene and emails, Poore’s efforts paid off when Queen was officially adopted by a local family on Tuesday. Although it was challenging to put his life on hold, Poore expressed that it was all worth it for Queen. In just a week, the world fell in love with her, and he was proud to have played a role in finding her a permanent home.

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Poore is overjoyed that Queen has finally found her forever home and hopes her story will inspire more people to adopt shelter dogs. He acknowledges that there are countless dogs like Queen in animal shelters who have been forgotten simply because they have been there for too long. Although shelters do not neglect these animals, the fact that their kennel cards display long periods of time can discourage potential adopters. As a result, Poore hopes that by sharing Queen’s story, more people will consider adopting these overlooked dogs and offer them the happy ending they deserve.

Poore is eagerly anticipating returning to his own bed after his shelter stay, but he is open to the idea of staying there again to assist another dog. He admits that he wouldn’t want to repeat this experience frequently, but he would certainly consider doing it again under the right circumstances and for the right animal.

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