Introducing Enzo: The Instagram-Famous Golden Retriever With a Cute “Freckle”

Enzo, a Golden Retriever puppy, is just like any other playful and affectionate pup, except for one thing. He has a rare genetic mutation that causes a pigmented somatic cell disorder resulting in a large black mark on the side of his face. His family affectionately refers to it as his “lil freckle.” Fortunately, this condition is not harmful, but it does alter the pattern of his coat. While Golden Retrievers typically have a base black coat that eventually turns golden due to a “modifier gene,” Enzo is missing this gene, causing part of his face to remain black. This unique birthmark makes him stand out from the crowd and has brought him success on Instagram as mister.enzoviola. Enzo proves that our imperfections make us perfect, and we can’t help but fall in love with his adorable face.

How adorable and distinct!

Despite his appearance being slightly distinct from other golden retrievers, his personality and traits are similar to theirs.

His absolute joy lies in spending time with his parents, playing and having fun. Currently, he’s in the midst of a thrilling game of tug of war!

Enzo is unique not only because of his freckle but also due to his size, which is quite big for someone his age.

Despite his growth, he still retains the playful spirit of a young pup.

Oh, look at all those freckles on his face! Wait, it’s not new. He must have been having fun in the mud!

Enzo is a sociable and cheerful fellow who takes pleasure in meeting new people and forming friendships.

Despite his usual well-behaved demeanor, he still enjoys playing pranks every now and then. It might be a good idea to secure your sock drawer!

It’s simply irresistible not to be charmed by this cute little fellow and his charming freckle. Enzo, we are absolutely smitten with you!

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