“Adorable Mama Dog Finds Comfort in Human Touch While Caring for Her Puppies”

It’s clear that Mama Kerry adores being near her humans! ❤️️ This adorable dog was discovered hiding under a car while pregnant and gave birth to her puppies at a shelter. Fortunately, Hearts Bones Rescue stepped in to ensure that Mama Kerry and her little ones were given the love and protection they needed. The team at Hearts Bones Rescue quickly noticed that Mama Kerry was a tough and resilient dog who was thrilled to have a safe haven to raise her puppies.


Katherine Hieber shares the heartwarming story of Kerry, a dog who was once alone on the streets and is now surrounded by people who love her. Despite being a great mother to her puppies, Kerry never wanted to do it alone. Now, she happily accepts help from anyone and even enjoys having her paw held while nursing her babies. Kerry is an affectionate dog who loves to show her appreciation with kisses or a paw shake. Hieber says that Kerry is very trusting and allows them to handle her puppies for health checks. Kerry seems to know that the people around her are there to help and keep her puppies safe, which brings her joy. Her puppies mean everything to her, and having a secure place to watch them grow is all she’s ever asked for.


According to Katherine Hieber, the owner of the puppies, it is evident that their mother loves them dearly and always wants to stay close to them. Even when taken outside for a bathroom break, she eagerly rushes back inside to be with her little pups. In Hieber’s words, the mother dog is like a protective “helicopter mom” in the most endearing way.


Katherine Hieber shares that Kerry and her adorable puppies are on their way to their next foster home in New York City. There, they will receive all the love and support they need from their new foster family while they grow and bond with each other. Eventually, when they’re ready, each pup will find their forever home.

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