The Heartwarming Story of a Neglected Blind and Deaf Dog Who Cares for Every Foster Animal His Owner Rescues

Sherio has faced many challenges in his life, but he has chosen not to let them turn him into a bitter or unkind dog. Instead, he has decided to use his experiences to help other foster animals feel safe and secure. Sherio understands firsthand how scary it can be to arrive in a new environment. Despite now having a warm and loving home, he hasn’t always been so lucky.

Sherio, a poor soul, has been facing a challenging time in finding a loving permanent home. Besides being deaf, he is also partially blind which adds to his struggle. His life has been spent in 2 shelters, moving from one foster home to another – a total of 12 times! Surprisingly, he has been adopted four times in the past but unfortunately, each time he was returned back.

After a while, he came across Sheryl Smith who accepted him wholeheartedly despite his disabilities. Smith had an existing passion for taking care of animals and upon encountering Sherio, she felt compelled to take him in as her own.

Sherio is overjoyed to have found a loving family, and he’s eager to pay it forward. Ever since Smith adopted him, Sherio has been dedicated to bringing happiness to other animals by assisting with their care and fostering them.

Sherio puts in great effort to ensure that vulnerable animals are provided with a sense of security and affection. He does so by giving them reassuring licks and kisses and strives to be a comforting presence for them.

During an interview with the Dodo, Smith shared that following his rescue mission, he came across a sick female dog who was pregnant and could not take care of her newborns. Sherio, the rescued dog, climbed in with the puppies and began cleaning them without any hesitation. Since then, Sherio has continued to display the same behavior with every other animal that Smith rescues. He patiently sits with feral kittens and cats, bonding with them until they trust him even more than they trust Smith.

Sherio has a deep compassion for the animals he fosters, probably because he can relate to their situation. He has been in their shoes countless times, which is quite unfortunate. Even though Sherio now has a permanent home where he is safe and secure, his past experiences have left him dealing with separation anxiety.

According to Smith, her kid still sheds tears while travelling in a car because he feels that he is being left somewhere else. However, they are making all possible efforts to enhance his self-assurance and self-esteem.

In the meantime, Sherio has proven to be an incredible source of support for countless animals in distress. Most recently, Smith welcomed a wild kitten, named Tiny Tolley, that required urgent attention and care.

Smith rescued a small kitten that was frail and ill, and without his help, the feline wouldn’t have made it. Fortunately, Sherio was always there for her, providing companionship and comfort as she gradually regained her strength.

As soon as Tiny Tolley gained enough strength to venture around the house, he didn’t hesitate to show his affection by showering her with some slobbery puppy kisses. Regardless of whether these kisses were desired or not, his presence and companionship were greatly cherished.

Sherio has turned his past sorrows into something positive by utilizing his experiences. Despite still experiencing anxiety, he radiates love and compassion that positively impact the lives of every animal he encounters. We are proud of Sherio for this and ecstatic that he has found a loving family who remind him that he is always safe, valued, and has a permanent place in their home and hearts.

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