“Behind the Scenes of Shakira’s Iconic Curls: Tips to Get Stage-Ready Hair”

It was never promised to be a walk in the park.

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Shakira has finally revealed the secret behind her flawless stage curls – hair clips. The singer recently shared a photo on Instagram of herself in hair and makeup, just before her Houston show, with at least 22 hair clips securing her hairstyle. Despite her commitment to the look, Shakira was recently caught with one clip still in her hair during a performance. She posted a video showing her doing touch-ups backstage, revealing the clip still hidden in her curls. Shakira found the incident amusing and joked that she must be the only artist to perform with a clip in her hair. She even added a caption encouraging other female artists who perform with clips to raise their hands.

Introducing the latest addition to The Beauty Bible – our newsletter! Get all the juicy deets on the hottest beauty stories, product launches, and trends of the day. And when it comes to achieving luscious locks like Shakira’s, it takes more than just hair clips. According to Us Weekly, her stylists, Cynthia Alvarez and Mely, were seen in a recent video wrapping some of her unclipped curls around a curling iron for maximum oomph. Shakira herself even admits that getting ready isn’t always a walk in the park but it looks like she’s found her curling mantra.

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