“Unconditional Love: Terminally Ill French Mastiff Finds a Loving Home for Her Final Days”

Mae, a 5-year-old French mastiff, has had a tough life but remains friendly to everyone she meets. Despite weighing just 70 pounds when she arrived at Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, Mae still managed to capture the hearts of many through her charming underbite and adorable squishy face. Sadly, it was soon discovered that Mae had terminal cancer and only a few weeks to live. Fortunately, rescue foster parent Elizabeth Starck fell in love with Mae and decided to take care of her at home. Mae’s sweet temperament and cute features have made her the talk of the town, and she now serves as the rescue’s spokesdog, attending fundraisers to meet and greet her numerous fans.

Mae has an affinity for socializing with people, but her love for food outweighs it all. She has a daily consumption of 10 cans of moist dog food. When the shelter ran out of canned dog food, Starck was taken aback by the response they received to help Mae. The shelter received an overwhelming amount of support as over 700 cans of dog food and other contributions poured in.

It’s amazing to see the amount of love and encouragement that has been shown to Mae and our family. It has brought tears to my eyes. Although Mae is moving at a slower pace these days, she still relishes any form of attention she can receive. Starck also mentioned that the most significant thing is that she still has an appetite for her food.

In her free time, she loves to monitor the foster cats and pays them a visit every night. The cats have fascinated her so much that she often sits and observes them play. Her tail starts wagging uncontrollably when she spots them. Starck even mentioned how she woke him up five times at night just to make sure the cats are all good.

The adorable little kid is always seen beside her mom and accompanies her wherever she goes. Though it was evident that Mae had found her soulmate, Starck made their relationship official by adopting her in a court hearing in front of Judge Carmichael. Speaking about the adoption, Starck said, “We have made it official, and Mae is now adopted. This way, she can spend her remaining days with her family, which is me.” While Mae has her ups and downs, she never misses her meals and sticks to her mother like glue in the house. She will receive an abundance of love for whatever time she has left.

Mae’s plan to rescue someone has grown into a bigger project beyond my expectations, and it’s all thanks to your contribution.

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