“From Neglect to Love: The Incredible Journey of a Starved Dog Rescued from Abandonment”

Violet had a simple desire – to be loved by her family and be a good dog. However, her family treated her with cruelty and did not consider her safety, emotions or health, despite her endearing nature and loving disposition. The unfortunate mastiff was subjected to neglect and eventually discarded entirely by her family. They drove her down a street in Clinton, Maryland and callously threw her out of the car window, causing the poor creature great fear and distress.

While journeying down the Clinton road, a passerby was taken aback by an appalling sight – a huge canine being hurled out of a car window as if it were a disposable beverage container. Reacting promptly, the individual stopped their vehicle and hastened to offer aid to the poor animal, who was subsequently transported to Prince George’s County Animal Control for further assistance.

Violet was rescued by Mutts Matter Rescue after being picked up by animal control. The rescue team was determined to provide the necessary care and support for the neglected pup. Violet’s condition was alarming as she was emaciated and had obviously suffered from malnourishment for an extended period. Her story indicated that she was thrown out of a vehicle, adding another layer of cruelty to her traumatic experience.

Debbie Gretz, a volunteer from Mutts Matter Rescue, took in Violet under her care. Having experience with abused and severely malnourished dogs, Gretz empathized with Violet and couldn’t contain her tears upon seeing the puppy’s distressing state.

Gretz was aware that she could make a difference in this little dog’s life by providing her with the love and attention she had been deprived of for a long time. The puppy had been robbed of much of her existence and self-respect, but Gretz was committed to ensuring that the puppy would have a joyous and fulfilling future.

Violet, a mastiff, was in a sorry state when she was found. She was underweight and weighed only about 60 pounds. Moreover, she had unsightly pressure sores that had to be treated by cleaning and bandaging. Gretz, the rescuer, could feel every bone in Violet’s body when she hugged her. The dog’s bloodwork also showed complications that typically arise from starvation.

Violet’s rescuers speculated that her pressure sores were caused by being restrained for extended periods and being used for breeding. However, despite the distressing experiences she had endured, Violet remained optimistic about people. She developed a fondness for Gretz and would often seek comfort by resting her head on Gretz’s lap as a gesture of affection and appreciation.

Gretz took good care of Violet by providing her with five small meals every day which helped her gain strength and vitality over time. Violet gradually became more active and independent as she learned how to climb stairs and had enough energy to enjoy walks and playtime with her buddies.

Violet’s pressure ulcers were well-treated, and she gained weight as well. Over time, her appearance underwent a complete transformation. She had gone from an alarming 60 pounds to a stunning 138 pounds, and her radiating happiness was evident for all to see.

It was a challenging journey towards recovery, but with Gretz’s unwavering love and dedication, Violet was able to overcome the difficulties and prosper. Gretz went beyond just aiding her physical well-being as she provided Violet with the affection and safety that she had longed for and rightfully deserved.

Thanks to Gretz, Violet’s life has been transformed from a frightened and devastated canine who resembled a skeleton, to a cheerful, loving, and content pup who adores her family and enjoys every aspect of her life while also being safe and healthy. This sweet and friendly dog has been given a second chance at life, and she is cherishing every moment of it.

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