Unconventional Canine: Meet the Dog with No Neck and a Backside on its Back Who Beats the Odds

Cooper is a one-of-a-kind dog that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The American foxhound was born without a neck due to his vertebrae compressing and fusing together while he was still in the womb. Despite his rare condition, Cooper is now two years old and thriving, even if it means he has to turn his whole body just to look behind himself. He was rescued by animal control officers in Halifax, Virginia, in 2017 when they found him near a puppy mill at just two months old. Cooper was then taken to Secondhand Hounds, which is based in Minnetonka, where he received the care he needed to thrive.

Cooper’s condition is believed to have been caused by inbreeding at a breeding facility. The rescuers who found Cooper suspect that he was abandoned due to his rare condition, which makes it hard for him to walk for long periods and defecate because his bottom end is located far up his back. SecondhandHounds knew they had their work cut out for them when they took Cooper in. Cooper had several health issues, including ear mites, worms, and a hernia that required surgery to correct his bowel movements. Additionally, Cooper had a difficult time adjusting to his first home placement because he couldn’t resist chasing the family’s cats. Despite this setback, Cooper eventually found a perfect forever home.

Cooper was left behind when he didn’t sell, but luckily he found a loving home with Elly and Andy Keegan. They already had three dogs, Skylar, Tuva, and Waylon, but Cooper fit right in. Although Cooper has special needs, the Keegans have the support of Secondhand Hounds and a conducive environment for him. However, they’ve had some challenges along the way, and Cooper even fractured his neck in five places. Fortunately, his spinal cord has been kept infection-free with antibiotics, and he can take care of himself when it comes to going to the bathroom. Despite his struggles, Cooper is living life to the fullest and has gained fame on social media.

Cooper, the Great Dane, still faces challenges when it comes to walking, but he is now living a life full of happiness and freedom. Elly, Cooper’s owner, mentioned that he can’t spend much time on hard surfaces or go for long walks, as he needs to be on soft ground like grass or carpet. Despite all of this, Cooper remains a happy dog and has brought joy to many people who have heard his story. According to Teri Woolard, the owner surrender coordinator at Secondhand Hounds, Cooper’s disability has not stopped him from giving love and being a fantastic pet. Cooper’s condition may have been caused by inbreeding, which led to him being abandoned after being deemed unfit for sale. However, Cooper’s new family sees him as nothing less than perfect, and he has become an inspiration for others. Another Great Dane also beat the odds, just like Cooper did.

Cooper has found his forever home with three furry siblings whom he loves dearly! This little pup, who may be short on spine but abundant in love, has a unique personality and is fiercely protective of his new family. Check out the amazing video below to witness Cooper’s charm first-hand.

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