“The Unwilling Departure: Shelter’s Beloved Resident Clings onto Plush Toy Collection”

Introducing Waffle Sizzli; a lovable black pit bull with an insatiable appetite for plush toys. According to the Director of Richmond Animal Care and Control, Christie Peters, Waffle takes her stuffed buddies everywhere she goes. This adorable pup was found as a stray in November 2022 and has since become the shelter’s longest resident by January 2023. While patiently waiting for her forever home, Waffle has received an abundance of love and cuddles from the staff at RACC. However, it is her collection of stuffed toys that bring her the most comfort.

When Waffle entered Peters’ office, she came across several plush toys that instantly caught her attention. Peters noticed how much she loved them and decided to let her play with them. Later, Waffle went to a nearby office where she discovered two additional stuffed animals, a frog, and a bird. Excitedly, she took them back to Peters’ room, where she already had a few of her own. It was clear that Waffle had a newfound fondness for these soft and cuddly companions.

Waffle adored all of her stuffed toys, but there were a few that held a special place in her heart. According to Peter, her most treasured one was a crimson plush bone. The second in order of preference was the frog, although she would occasionally stumble over its dangling legs. The bird was a close third and often accompanied her on her adventures.

Waffle Sizzli was not interested in socializing with the other dogs at the shelter. Instead, she liked to flaunt her collection of toys at every opportunity. Peters, a staff member at the shelter, mentioned that Waffle Sizzli would walk past the other dogs in their enclosures with her stuffies, beaming with pride. However, whenever the staff tried to engage her in a game of tug-of-war or fetch with her toys, she would immediately refuse. Waffle Sizzli would only bring her toys to them for admiration while not allowing anyone to take them away from her. It was like having a daily Waffle Sizzli show, with the staff being the audience.

According to Peters, they equipped Waffle with all the things she adores before sending her off to her new abode. These days, Peters receives photos of Waffle snuggling with her toy collection in her fresh dwelling. While the RACC crew misses their furry friend, who is fond of toys, they are thrilled to know that she is relishing her new life with her beloved stuffed animals by her side. Peters expressed her affection for Waffle, labeling her as the most adorable, amusing, and delightful toy-toting pooch they’ve ever encountered.

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